Sumerian writing at puma punku mystery

Ancient Mysteries: Puma Punku in Tiahuanaco, Bolivia

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Nestled in the remains of the ancient city of Tiahuanaco, Bolivia, is the megalithic ruins site called Puma Punku.

A New Look at Puma Punku and the H-Block Mystery

Archeologists believe the site to be the cradle of civilization in South America–predating the Myans. Mar 10,  · (Note the controversial bowl found at the site at Puma Punku with Sumerian inscriptions, mainstream scientists deem this an OOPART for the most part, an anomaly of an artifact, I will leave that at rest, as it strays from my point).Reviews: Puma Punku, A Never-Ending Ancient Mystery.

by Ivan. What Is Ancient Sumerian Writing Doing In America? Deciphering The by Ivan. Yggdrasil, The Legendary World Tree Of Norse Mythology. Post Pagination. Next Post Next; Home. History.

Yggdrasil, The Legendary World Tree Of Norse Mythology. Puma Punku is truly a wonderful Place, not only is it an incredible temple complex filled with mysteries that baffle one’s mind, it is a place where one loses the notion of space and time.

This temple complex located near Tiwanaku, Bolivia is one of the most incredible ancient ruins you will find in South America. At Puma Punku or. Sumerians in Tiahuanaco?

The Mystery of the Pokotia Monolith and the Magna Fuente Bowl. Inexplicably, Ancient Sumerian writing has apparently turned up in Peru. At the end of a long day at the ruins of Tiahuanaco and Puma Punku, our WEX group boarded the bus for the trip back to La Paz.

Puma Punku is located near Tiahuanaco, in fact, it's less than a quarter-mile northeast of Puma Punku. Puma Punku and Tiahuanaco may have been in fact one massive complex. Tiahuanaco's most distinctive feature, other than the wall of faces, is the Gate of The Sun.

Sumerian writing at puma punku mystery
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The Ancient Aliens - Puma Punku