Sshfs fusermount user has no write access to mountpoint

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Another thing to note is that apparently in Linux only the owner of a file can change the timestamp, so a user that has read-write access to a smbfs mount by virtue of being a member of the group specified in gid=groupname will not be able to change timestamps on files on the mount, which means that when that user copies a file to the mount the.

View statpaciorek from CST AA at Vanier Collegiate. Basics of UNIX August 27, 1 Connecting to a UNIX machine from cfw_UNIX, Mac, Windows See the file on bspace on connecting. Note that although it has many benefits, enabling network login is not required to take advantage of the other features of this setup; you can also manually add accounts using the add-bu-user tool.

Upgrading from BU Linux 5 to BU Linux 6

If you do not wish to join AD at all, the section below explains an alternate method to access network drives.

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Why does sshfs change permissions of the local mountpoint to root? user can mount, but only root can unmount (umount) directory because of umount: root: Permission denied. But now i know, that's because sshfs changes the owner of root to root. – Vytenis Bivainis Sep 28 '14 at Finally, to give it a fixed mount point, append to /etc/fstab: /dev/ ConPow /media/ ConPow ext3 auto,user 0 0.

Don't forget to unplug/replug the USB drive (or to /etc/init.d/udev restart)so that it gets re-discovered and handled by the udev rule. At this step, "normal" users still have not enough provileges to write on the device: set permissions.

Sshfs fusermount user has no write access to mountpoint
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